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Porcelain Tile

Faber Porcelain Tile

Instantaneous satisfaction and results on any part of the house with Faber
Faber Stone & Tile

Anatolia Porcelain Tile

Timeless beauty and appeal with Anatolia
Anatolia Tile + Stone

Centura Porcelain Tile

High quality and durable tiles for any wall with Centura

Ceratec Porcelain Tile

Great looking tiles anywhere you choose with Ceratec


Wood's beautiful look with the benefits of Porcelain from Faber.
Faber Tile & Stone


Rectified porcelain tile from Faber.
Faber Tile & Stone


Stilo showcases a beautiful wavy design from Olympia Tile.
Olympia Tile


Timeless allure of natural stone in warm, soft shades from Fap Ceramiche.
Fap Ceramiche

Maestro Corona Petite Maison

Glossy and natural looking Porcelain Tile from Ceratec.

Maestro Sichenia Pave Wall Dolmen

Shiny and beautiful Porcelain tile from Ceratec

Mayfair Porcelain Tiles

Admire results of history that are Mayfair Porcelain Tiles from Anatolia at Gianni's Tile Gallery.

Precept HD Porcelain Tile

Obtain tiles that look great and are guaranteed to last for years to come

Olympia Porcelain Tile

Adhesive and luxurious tiles!
Olympia Tile & Stone

Glass Tile

Olympia Glass Tile

Distinctive and exceptional glass tiles from Olympia Tile and Stone
Olympia Tile & Stone

Anatolia Glass Tile

Sleek and bold glass tiles from Anatolia Tile & Stone provided by Gianni's Tile Gallery in Barrie
Anatolia Tile & Stone

Centura Glass Tile

Simplistic and unique tiles from Centura Tile
Centura Tile

Ceramic Tile

Olympia Ceramic Wall Tile

Gianni's Tile Gallery in Barrie features Olympia wall tile
Olympia Tile & Stone

Anatolia Ceramic Wall Tile

Gianni's Tile Gallery in Barrie, Ontario features Anatolia Wall Tile

Faber Ceramic Wall Tile

Gianni's Tile Gallery in Barrie, Ontario features Faber Wall Tile

Centura Ceramic Wall Tile

Centura provides an intricate sumptuous tile finish available at Gianni's Tile Gallery

Ceratec Ceramic Wall Tile

Gianni's Tile Gallery in Barrie, Ontario features Ceratec Wall Tile

Maestro Luxor Monolithe

Modern and natural stone from Ceratec's Maestro Luxor Monolithe lineup.

Maestro Corona Terra

Maestro Corona Terra is a exclusive and surprising ceramic tile with a range of decors and tones.

Mosaic Tile

Ceratec Mosaic Tile

Simplistic tiles from Ceratec Tile

Anatolia Mosaic Tile

Make your guests "WOW" when they see your home decorated Anatolia's mosaic tiles
Anatolia Tile & Stone

Faber Mosaic Tile

Stylish and Complex tiles from Faber Tile & Stone
Faber Tile & Stone

Centura Mosaic Tile

Eye Poppingly designed tiles with Centura Tile
Centura Tile

Olympia Mosaic Tile

Unique and bold tiles from Olympia Tile and Stone
Olympia Tile & Stone

Bliss Satin Metal

Complement any finished room with water-resistant attractive metal tiles perfect for any wall!

Soho Glazed Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Easily cleaned, popular, strong porcelain and ceramic Anatolia tiles at Gianni's Tile Gallery

Bliss Stone Pebbles Tiles

Add a natural look to your home with Bliss Stone Pebbles Tiles!

Setting Materials

Tile Setters

Use Any Schluter SET mix to ensure life-long lasting of your tiles!
Schluter Systems

Flextile Ultra-Performance Caulk

Seal the edges and spaces with water-resistant caulk at Gianni's Tile Gallery!

Terraseal Matte 4300 Sealer

Protect your tiles against anything from water to acid rain (yes, seriously)

Wood Tile

Dura Flexflor LVT

Meet your standards for visual appeal as well as safety!


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